Chances are, you or someone you know received the now infamous Stanley Cup as a birthday or Christmas gift in the past year. My mom, both of my sisters and my sister in law all have it. They’re everywhere!

Just as fast as these cups have gone viral, so have concerns of the bottom of these cups being sealed with lead. And it’s not just Stanley Cups that are impacted, the same is true for your favorite Yeti. We’ve talked about why consuming lead is bad in our Fish Podcast, but in case you missed it, lead consumption can cause central nervous system issues and disrupt your endocrine system. This has left many asking, “Is it safe to drink from a Stanley Cup?”

With all of this concern going around, I wanted to provide a list of my 5 favorite non toxic alternatives to replace your Yeti or Stanley. And the last one has a little something extra special I think you’re going to love!

1. Hydro Flask

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Hydroflasks are not new, in fact, you may have one buried in the back of your cabinet from a few years ago. Unlike Stanley and Yeti, Hyrdoflasks are NOT sealed with lead at the bottom. Hydroflasks don’t have the cool handle like Stanley but that’s a trade-off I’m willing to make to not consume lead!

2. Lifefactory

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Unlike the Hydroflask mentioned above, LifeFactory bottles are not insulated which means they won’t keep your drink cold or hot. But, because they’re made from glass, you don’t need to worry about lead consumption at all. Plus, they’re covered with a Protective Silicone Sleeve that comes in a variety of colors!

3. Owala

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Owala took to Instagram to put down any rumors that there might be lead in their water bottles, stating, “Owala Bottles are lead free. Always have been. Always will be.” That’s what we want to hear from our water bottle companies! Plus, with the Owala you basically have an unlimited number of colors to chose from. They even have a Marvel line for the Iron Man fan in your life!

4. Any Glass Bottle

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Sometimes it doesn’t have to be complicated. This might not be the most fun option but it is one of the safest! Personally, I find myself going to this option when I’m traveling or away from home and looking for a safe water to drink. Plus, these glass bottles are also reusable! Fill them up after you finish and put it back in your refrigerator. Now you have a ready to go water bottle for your next road trip. Mountain Valley is a great option!

5. Clearly Filtered

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Out of all the water bottles we’ve talked about so far, the Clearly Filtered bottle does one thing none of these others can compete with…it actually filters your water! This makes it great for traveling as you don’t know what filtration system the water you are drinking goes through. The Clearly Filtered bottle removes up to 99.99% of 220+ contaminants for your health and safety. If you want to learn more about the importance of filtered water, check out this podcast episode!

You can’t got wrong with any of these options. Overall, I cannot stress the importance of drinking clean water. Free from any dangerous contaminants. For me personally, I use the AquaTru reverse osmosis water filter every time. When you combine this with one of the water bottles above, you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself!